Thursday, October 28, 2010

Temptations : 7atenin9 @ The Ascott KL

Oh well, my bloggie has been flooded with so many events and pichas lately. It's way totally different from what I've used to blog about, of all the long-lost fancy words, sky-scrapping sentences, metaphors, etc etc.

But anyways, Imma gonna add one last event post before I could actually let my bloggie *rest* for the time being since that exams are just around the corner and I just can't afford to somehow be cracking my head up all the way trying to feed my bloggie. XD

Date : 27th of October 2010

Event : Temptations

Venue : 7atenin9 @ The Ascott KL

Time : 9 p.m. onwards

Oh well, apparently, the atmosphere did not turn out to be as what I've EXPECTED it to be. I thought it would be an ice cream buffet style of event! LMAO! Anyways, it was not a TOTAL disappointment neither for, nothing can bring me down if I were to be able to camwhore with a bunch of cool friends! XD

Asked Apple to be my guest for the day since that I have an extra drink voucher! =P And since that she & I have been craving for Haagen Dazs for SUCH A FREAKING LONG TIME but NO ONE was willing to treat us, I thought that this will be the great opportunity for me to share her my chance =) See, Imma so good neh!!!

Random Shotz of an ashtray =P

The four of us from BS(SB) FPSK K17 LMAO.

From left : Me, JFook, WKeat, Apple

My vouchers!

Centered around a sexy social party as what it was planned to be, apasal I see no one screaming for ICE CREAM pun!!! LOL!!! [pardon me for using Manglish! =P]

Well, with the FOUR vouchers we have in hand, we've ordered each one of the four Encore signature cocktails available for the night. Here you go! [20 MYR nett/cocktail]

# 1
FINLANDIA [Vodka of Finland]

A sensual bowl of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, doused with Finlandia Vodka and fresh strawberry sauce, crowned with flamed strawberry and basil meringue, and climaxed with olive oil.

NOW, I gotta tell you, I MAD LOVE THIS!!! Not just the girls alright. The boys who went with us LOVE this too! Damn Nice! Nicey Nicey Dessert! Melt to the utmost level! =P

# 2
FINLANDIA [Vodka of Finland]

A helping of fresh white peach and pear liqueur, complimented by a dash of citrus and rounded off with Finlandia vodka.

According to JFook, this vodka is strong! =P

# 3

Specially frozen cubes of solidified fresh rapsberry, Amaretto, port and Jack Daniel's, crusted with almond flakes and served on skewers.

MAD BITTER if you're not an alcoholic! WKeat finds it bitter too =P And I have to stuff myself with 1 whole cube mixed with the melted #1 One Night Stand. Oh man, you wouldn't wanna try this if the cube has melted! Even more bitter! =X

# 4
PEPE LOPEZ [Tequila]

An invigorating concoction of watermelon and passion fruit, zested with fresh lemon, a subtle torch of vanilla and topped off with Pepe Lopez tequila.

I can taste the strong watermelon aroma in this tequila! Not bad tho.

Snap Snap Snap !

From left : Apple, WKeat, Me

While delighting our way out with the *dessert* & *beverages*, a MONKEY swayed his way in to join us! And yea, it's none other than Henry Lee, the CleverestMunkey in blogosphere. XD

From left : JFook, Me, Henry Lee

And we ordered Turkey Ham Pizza [ 27.90 MYR ]


* Deng Deng *

Time for some ice cream treat!!! <3

Feel the ambience/atmosphere? =)

Lightings there are fine tho.

Perhaps, a nice dining place for a date. Food-wise, I do not have a single idea about it! LOL! But, the Turkey Ham that I've tried is not bad tho. I don't mind for a second trip for the pizza! LOL! As for drinks, again, not an alcohol lover. Perhaps One Night Stand is the best dessert for yet and again! =P

And with that, I shall end my post with 7atenine. =)

BTW, if you can read chinese, check this out --> CLICK HERE . A post on it too. =)

Reached home with a *heavy* headache. Was I just simply busted by the two presentation before heading off for the event or were the doses for the *desserts* / *beverages* too strong to be handled by a non-alcoholic-lover me? Uh huhhh... =P

Oh well, I shall be updating anytime *soon* when I *do* find the time to! Till then!

P/S : Craving for a lengthy post! WHY? Coz I've promised someone to! =P Brother, wait ya! Kakak will let you know once I've done the post, for you! Kikiki!!!


Jaerragus said...

Nice, tempted haha... until I see the word Chemistry... tht reminds me, STUDY...

Nana Lana said...

@jae, u were fast! *big hug* for u!!! hehe! yea, imma going to study too! XD

good luck ya!

Baboon Tan said...

love their environment there! Must go check out next time!

j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

ur cloth xbad from where??hahaha.....nice lol....suit ur tight pant color...haha^^ muc event lol u....,so so envy mah.........haisss....i only cn study sad....luckly las yr lei....huhhhhhhh~~~

Nana Lana said...

@henrytan, not bad tho! hv fun wen ur there!

@joey, haha! buy from weh? i ask u mah! weh ar? LOL! kamsia! play too much later fail my test jiao cham!!! =(

j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

buy from somewhere around da world...hehe...~~okla..i believe u cn pass with gud result d....^^gambateh lol....^^~~after that cn enjoy gaogao...hehe.@bad news 4 me...mayb until 10dec dou cant bk bcos "FYP presentation"........juz 4 tat presentation ned stay so many day lol...and do holidy ruin 1/3..........~~~~~