Saturday, July 25, 2009

*High Night*

Hahaz! Just by looking at the title above, what will be on your mind right now, huh? Boo hoo!!!

Course Night is approaching and the girls will be just crazy chatting and jawing on their dresses. Who don't? Even the guys, are somehow, "working" on it! Some even contributed their ideas to make the one and only guy for this year's new batch. Gosh. Just wish them the best! Wakaka!

As for my case, well, guess what, it's really crazy! Muahaha! Exchanging dresses to be worn, having to mix and match the accessories, etc, etc, and etc...! Fun in a way, bragging and laughing through the night. Keke!

For now, just hope everything will be smooth on that night!


jfook said...

Boys didn't make much effort. But I was pushed by Kee Hui to wear something matching her cos we are emcees. Anyway, Ah See definitely has to be the center of the attraction during CAD.wahahhahahaa

Sin Yee a.k.a Michelle said...

hehe... even if kee hui didn't push u, u still WILLINGLY wan 2 wear something to match her, rite???

Nana Lana said...

JF :

yamie??? i tot u do dress up one wor~ hahaha! i c, so, it's her! haha!
okok, been repeating, im ANTICIPATING for ur change for him!

Michelle :

Agree Agree v ur statement! haha!

XtasyM said...

erm... i think is they wanna dressed up together :P

I'd decided wat to wear on CAD!

Nana Lana said...

i tink by now everyone has wat to wear in mind ady lar! hahaha!

use ur golden comb to set ur spiky hair! wahahaha!