Monday, July 13, 2009

2 Big Nights =D

Have I ever told you, my dear readers, that I went Mid Valley instead of going back to JB last weekend? NOPE. Was supposed to meet up with a senior for discussing the dance performance for CAD Night but ended up to be in the Mega Shopping Centre when I failed to get any reply from 'em. =P (excuse).

To me, I just need a breather to let things take its course without losing myself. Hence, MV might just be another source for me to loosen up from the homesickness. Yea, definitely. Well, it was supposed to be just MINES but with majority's vote, there we went, to MV.

Gosh! I HATE KTM! People pushing around, squeezing you, and ew... the armpits odour, OMG OMG OMG!!! For all I can, I would really try hard, as hard as I can to avoid standing near or being squeezed by those foreigners! Apart from the armpits odour, they just simply have a "PROMINENT" kind of *s-m-e-l-l* which me, myself, and I could NOT stand or else, I would just use my mouth to breathe! =P

Well, my main purpose was to just to get a belt for my FIESTA-themed Chinese Annual Dinner Night for my course. Apparently, the theme for the year was "GLAM FIESTA". As for me, I would choose Fiesta over Glam coz.... I just can't bring out the GLAMOROUSity in me. I doubt I have that. As for Fiesta-sorta-Flower-themed, I guess, I may just bring out the sampat-ness in me! Wahaha!

Anyways, the Faculty's Night will be at the end of this month... da 31st... Themed "Noir Blanc"... If everything goes smoothly, might have a chance to perform for that Night too! HAHAZ!!! So, I'm just waiting... Anticipating for both performances although I'm not a superb performer lar~ keke! =P


shmily said...

dance dance SHinee "replay"!!!

Nana Lana said...

haha! stil waiting for others' confirmation! wakaka! =P

XtasyM said...


Nana Lana said...

whoooshh kaa whoooshh kaa! ;)