Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mega K-Day

No Big Voice
No Big Head
No Big Hope

And yet, another K-Day…
There were 18 of us, want me to name you guys out?

Let’s see…
Joey, Pei Hua, Ying Ci, Jolin, Diong, Long Neck/Giraffe, Kee, Dennis, Ying Kiat, Choon Sern, Wee Huat, Han Wen, Jun Hor, Raven, Yi Fan, Jun Ming Ah Bong… And for sure, Nana Lana…
Yalah, seems boring right… I mean my intro…
I’ll make this post VERY BRIEF and yet, NAGGY…

K-ed from 1.30p.m. till 7.09p.m.

No Big Voice – No Big Songs

No Britney Spears
No Celine Dion
No Christina Aguilera
No Diana Ross
No Faith Hill
No Kelly Clarkson
No Rick Price
No Shania Twain
No Taylor Dayne
No Whitney Houston

They are the Big Singers with songs that I’ll always belt out in K-room but sadlyto say, they were NOT done so for, I know I will not sing them well today. Reason? I knew it. My heart tells me so. My heart told me :

“You have not eaten rice today! You will not have enough breath for the day”.
Hahaha! Weird right? I took mee instead of rice mah… Kononnya rice is higher in carbohydrates! Wakaka!
Of all the songs I sang, I gave my most satisfying shot at Angela’s “My Most Beloved”. Wahaha, still, my favourite of all times.
English songs? When I’m doing solo, it s*cks. Whenever I’m doing solo in a crowd, it just s*cks. Ain’t knowing why. I can just sing halfway and TOTALLY lost the mood to continue IF I’m doing solo in a CROWD. (Repetitive-naggy).
Perhaps, prior to the K-session, you need to feed me with rice. Wakaka.
Oh ya, thanks to that person, ain’t naming you here ya, haha, for singing along! Haha!
Mr.Hann, if you’re here, next time choose an easier song to sing lar, “Touch My Body” is really difficult to sing lar if it was not practised earlier. Haha.
I guess, I’ll be belting out those Big Songs at GreenBox, Cheras Selatan instead huh… Soon… Hey, my dear coursemates, heard me? Remember to let me tag along when you guys are going ya! I just wanna sing my lungs out before being suffocated for ONCE again. Haha!


Hann said...

hello,i just suggest mah,
aiyo,next time sing'zombie'very easy d,
chinese song can mah?

Nana Lana said...

chinese songs, can ar, i can sing Wo De Zui Ai by Angela! Wahaha!

others, ok-ok oli lo...
can try lar~