Monday, August 25, 2008

Shut My Eyes!

There's one Medic gal which I'm practically "bu shuang" of right now! You don't have to put up that so-called "NOTICE" so as to "ALARM" me about "something". I despise that kind of "NOTICE". Buck off lar wei!!! As if you're so popular meh? Bu Bu!



[Rather pissed off right now. So many things to do yet so little time. Still blog some more. Stupiak Jac!]

***mini mani hom***

Today's Lab is the worse lab work I've ever been in one! I have no idea what to do AT ALL! Shyt. Luckily I managed to catch up with the procedures. To be honest, the way the lecturer explained things were just like shyt? Everyone was dumb-folded ; having their brain nerves entangled everywhere? Were you guys? Or am I just exaggerating? Does brain has nerves? Find it out! Bu Bu!

The laboratory staff, and the lecturer herself were good ACTRESSES indeed! They were really, obviously, pretentious enough to kid the Head of the CB Course. However, sorry, your ploy did not work for me! Bu Bu! Before Prof.D came into the lab, the both of you did not really explain things clearly nor to show us any guides, leaving us having threads entangled together. The moment Prof.D entered the Lab, WHOAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Showing guides from table to table. Bu Bu!


***mini mani hom***

TITAS [Tamadun Islam Dan Tamadun Asia]

Gosh, for God's sake, it was not up to my expectation! Sad, I'm really sad though. I aimed for above 90% but ended up getting a 86.67% ! Although it was just a few marks away, but it's still a "few" marks which play a really big role for pushing up my aggregate score for this SEM whatz! After the conversion, I get a 26 upon 30. Sigh... 4 marks gone... Gambateh for the next test then! Assignments! And da final Exam!

***mini mani hom***

Yesterday, I went for the FRIM visit as what I've blogged before this right? Yep! Went for it and it was a tremendous experience for me. An eye opening for me indeed! Getting close to the nature is what I've been wanting to do. Jungle Trrekking. OMG! Hanging bridge,da Canopy Walkway, really had a lot of fun! With my bunch of cool and cute friends, everything was just so amazing that really made me wanna shout it out loud like TARZAN!!!

***Ar Yi Ar Yi Ar Yi ARRRRRRRRRR***


Although it was really tiring that we've actually climbed a hundred miles, the experience was really great! A few Hundreds miles??? Exaggerating! Haha! By the way, I was panting like hell and no one really know that I'm actually a little asthmatic. I kept lamenting that I'm going to be breathless soon BUT I think that they thought that I was joking because I did not say it in a serious tone? Wakaka!

Reached my apartment-styled hostel at around 3pm. Took my shower, skipped my lunch AGAIN and prepare for toiletries shopping with my gals! Haha! We left at about 5 something in the evening and reached Mid Valley at 6 something. Left at around 8.30 pm because we can't stay for long. We need to catch the KTM bus straight to our hostel whatz. Unfortunately, we did not managed to catch the bus and ended up paying 2 bucks for the Rapid Bus. Keke!

Upon reaching our hostel, we had a toilet-battle! Wahaha! Elaine with her rain coat, everyone with their own lab-gloves!!!!! Wakaka! With the pipe water splashing everywhere, soaps on the wall, floor, oh, just everywhere!!! Can you imagine that? Can YOU???



Haha, we cleaned the toilet only lar. Scrubbing here and there. Washing here and there. Heehee! No raincoat lar! Lab Gloves, frankly, they stole it from the Lab. Wahaha! As for me, I used my own gloves which is really meant for washing up toilet one hoh! Haha!

Oklar, for the FRIM pictures/photos, I'll upload it soon...

Till the next post! Miss You!


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