Saturday, August 30, 2008

1st K-session

Yesterday, I went for my 1st K-session (ever since I left JB) at GreenBox Cheras Selatan with 3 fellow coursemates. Overall, it was fun because I do actually understand the words/subtitles. Haha! The whole session was all about English and Malay songs. However, I did belted out one Mandarin song. Reason? Well, basically, I loved the lyrics because of somebody's doing. Yeah.

Here's a picture of the ladies! Or probably, the girls!!!

From left : Jacklyn, Elaine, Krystal, Shu Pin

[Claiming our "Capsule" session : open hall for K-session! Haha!]

Jac in the Capsule belting out her song of the day...

Elaine and me with the background set-up of the coming Lantern Festival!

I want mooncake! My favourite!!!

At the roadside, while waiting for U41 bus to get to Serdang KTM station...

See??? Jac loves camwhoring. Wahaha! Once there's an outing, snapping will be what she's craving for! Why? Coz in person, she looked so ugly with the acnes on her face. Boooooo!

Whatever...till the next post!


Anonymous said...

Nana Lana... I so wanna go as well... But too bad I can't... I'll belt out chinese songs like there's no tomorrow... :P

Nana Lana said...

haha, linked u up ady even b4 u found out my blog. guess u found it thru Apple's blog. wahaha!

nvm, deh's always a tomolo for everythng, keke!

p/s : ur banana too ho... icic. nvm, can learn like ME, kakaka!