Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Home-Cooked Meal by Jacklyn???

Hey guys, guess what I did today? Everybody went back to their own hometown for this Merdeka break. As for me, I chose to stay here, in my hostel. Elaine, was not going back to Sarawak either and so, I have her as my only companion in our 8-rooms apartment.

We've bought vegetables for 3 days meal (dinner). For today, I'm in charge for cooking. Well, I guess that I'll be the one cooking after all... However, tomorrow Elaine should be cooking seaweed soup gua... try to buy marinated lamb chop tomorrow! Kuakuakua...

Here, Take a look at today's ingredients.

1/2 Cabbage

Pork cubes

Potato cubes

2 eggs

Totally No MSG, No salt, No sugar! A so-called healthy meal! Haha! In other word, it will be a totally TASTELESS meal! Who cares? As long as it can fills our baby stomachs! Haha! Errr, well, I do have pepper! Heehee!

Overall, it tasted MUCH MORE BETTER than the food served at the cafe of my college and faculty. Haha!

***mini mani hom***

Heehee! Wanna share this shot with you all. The rabbits! So cute! There's one with black ears at the tips and the eyes of the rabbit is so special TO ME! Some sorts of eyes-make-up! Wahaha! I did not manage to get a good snap of it since I was rushing for time. Well, I walked all the way to Sri Serdang area from my U with a few of my coursemates and a senior JUST FOR LUNCH. Yea, LUNCH....

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