Saturday, August 23, 2008

Naggy Nanalana!!!

LIFE has been so GREAT to me! I’ve never realize it until I truly get a touch of it! It was just so FANTASTIC babe!

Months ago, there was a period of time when I found life was so meaningless when someone had induced the HEARTBREAKENING decision to me. I was like hanging by a thread ; like an utterly fragile glass ; having wild thoughts of DYING??? WTH!!! All because of the SUPER DUPERLY NONSENSE THING? FORGET IT!!! Thinking about it now made my heart sore. All the so-called sacrifices made for you are NOT worth it any longer yea? Even though I do get news of you through a third party, [apparently, there were quite a few third parties] whenever I heard the news, I wasn’t really INTO it. I guess it’s really OVER for me.

I do get curious about every single step you take.

I do want to know what’s happening in your life right now, at this very minute, at this very moment.

I do want to initiate a contact with you.

BUT... BUT, I do not have the courage. I bet it’s bound back to my first failed “He-She” thing. Nothing was sacred. I should not have taken the path. But it was tempting in the first place. WTH??? Tempting?

Buck off lar Jac!

Wake Up!


Promises made were meant to be BROKEN.

Promises made were never carried out?

Promises made were all, drained, drained away...

For, no one try to save them from the tide.

Arghhhhhh..... Sorry for those irritating laments. It’s been a while since I last blog about all these stuff until recently, it came up to me again. I wonder why. This stupiak brain of mine. Whooooshhhh! Will you stop haunting me? Neh neh. For avid Nanalanapeeps readers, maybe you’ll realize that ever since I’ve started blogging in Nanalanapeeps, I’ve reduced so much in despair blogs compared to MyLiveSpace yea? Bahhh... Now, it’s coming up again. Sorry if you find it boring again!

Let’s get on to my NEW LIFE. The REAL life that I’ve been longing and searching for! I’ve found it here! Here, in my U!!! MY NEW REAL LOVE! I’ve never loved my life so much until I’ve had my toes glued to the territory of a U where there are lotsa researchers? Uhhhh..... Preferably, the only U in Malaysia which specializes in researches. We, the freshies were told as what I’ve said. Wakaka! Although I had my fun here, there were times when I was really frustrated. For? For God’s sake! Blehhh! NehNehNeh BuBu! Not going to tell you here! Wait till I can’t hold it any longer! Wahaha! See, I’m doing a real big ROUND-ABOUT turn here [belek-belek] ! Haven’t really get to the main point of my post of the day! Well, I was actually influenced by one of the blogger which I’ve browsed through her blog. And it was ULTRALY LONG babe! No kidding! And that was why, I think that I can be even naggier than her! Wahaha! So far, do I have the potential to be crowned as the NAGGIEST QUEEN??? Haha!

Ok lar, for some readers, you may get bored right now... Do cha? So, go wash your face before you continue reading! Or just shut your lappie and hug your comfy bolster! Wakaka! Chasing readers kah? Nothing of the sort. I guess I’m just too free already! Yeah, as if I’m REAL FREE! So many chores waiting for me, so many assignments, tests are coming up again although some results were still unrevealed. Keeping me in suspense! I’m actually looking forward for my TITAS results. Wonder how I did. Was freezing like hell in the exam hall the other day and so, I took my leave earlier before the exam ended. Kinda feeling guilty. For, I’ve never left the exam hall, never, not before the exam ended! It was my very first time doing so! Wuwuwuwu!

So, what’s my main post all about? Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, now, let me update you what I did in the past week. Yeah, in just a week time, I’ve participated in quite a number of activities. Man, it was really exhausting but who cares so long as man can breathe, eyes can see, so long live these (the activities), and this give life to ME!!! Wakaka! Shakespeare! Muackkkss! Dumb-folded? Don’t give me that freaking confused face! (as if I can see!) Wahaha! For those who have no idea of what I'm talking about, go read up some of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’s poems okay? Chaoz chaoz! By the way, all the sacrifices of my precious time piggy nights were worth it. I had my fun to the fullest!


Let’s see, hm...

Last Sunday night, on the 17th of August, I had my first Chinese Annual Dinner for my course, da Chinese-BioMedical-ians.

Then, had my first ever visit to a farm! To the Agriculture Farm of UPM as part of my course program. (on the 20th of August).

On the 21st of August, I’ve attended a Lantern Fest organized by the 10th College (Han Wen’s College).

Then... tomorrow, Yeah, tomorrow, the 24th of August, Sunday, I’m going to the FRIM! OMG!!! I can’t wait for it! Hanging Bridge, my favourite! It’s not going to bring trauma to me alright! And I’m going to say HI to the largest fishy of the Amazon! Mama Mia! Hope to get some nice pictures/photos to share with those friends who are going! Sobz Sobz can’t have fun with you all! Waterfall will be part of the plan too! But... *wiggling* “somebody can’t get into the water....”


Boys and girls.... here you go... [Ah Pek, Ah Ngm can’t read ya! Wakaka! Joking lar!]

CAD NIGHT 17-08-2008

Spot me! Heehee! Part of the gals of my batch! Everyone was so demure the other day! Only me, I guess so, still so tom-boyish? Wakaka!

A few random photos of me, camwhoring with my gals! Wakaka!

Elaine & Me. Am I sophisticated? Wakaka!

My Buddy Men Wai & Me! Aren't I fat? And yet, sophisticated? Wakaka!

~Da Prom King and Prom Queen of da nite~


Plenty of pictures were taken but I can’t possibly upload all of it here right? Yeahhh!!! Heehee!

Next, da Farm Visit!

I really had my fun here! The truck ride was just so awesome! I wanna have more of it, can I? Heehee!

Mamma Mia!

Look at this! Our candid snap! Wakaka!

On the truck, I love this pic! Heehee!

Ar hem, I love this as well, gonna be thick-skinned here, er, the chick is indeed cute But the Persona up there in the picture itself is not bad too yea? Agree? Wakaka! Slap myself!


Some random pictures taken : At Rambutan Farm

It can be helped, I really love camwhoring. Who’s my mate? You’ll know that! Haha! And if you wanna join me, I’ll always be in open arms! Wakaka!

What's NEXT???



Probably the least enjoyable event. Boooooo..... I met Han Wen there and chatted for a while. Really for a “while” only. Haha! Yea, it was the Lantern Festival. Apparently, I did not enjoy much. I thought that it will be really fun but somehow, it turns out be a total disappointment TO ME. I don’t really know why. I guess that the flow of the event wasn't really that captivating and I ended up eating tit-bits with my gals in the cafeteria. For God’s sake, can’t I eat my tit-bits back in my hostel, my room? Apalah ehhh???

Here you go, random pictures taken :

Guys, the whole experience I had here is only the beginning of my life. I've never enjoyed myself that much. I'm just hoping to explore more in the near future! May all the joys and laughter be shared together. May all the people live together happily. Ain't getting emotional here though. Haha! Just hope that joys and laughters can be shared together with the others. Bubu!

Bolster, bolster, I'm coming for you! Poor me, didn't bring along my bolster! Who wanna sponsor me? Then, I'll be able to think or rather, to dream of you when I sleep! Wakaka! Anyone? Ar hem!

Can't wait for tomorrow's exploration! Just hope it will be a TOTAL fun experience!

Till then, will update soon!

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