Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The 17th Babies

This is like so random! So what is this Chlorine atom for? LOL. Those who's taking OR who did took Chemistry should know yeah? Chlorine atom is one of the halogens which is a non-metal element from the Periodic Table of the IUPAC. And, it's in the Group 17 !

17-17-17... I have yet to be watching 17 Again [starring Zac Efron] tho. =(

And, you must be WTH-ing of this entry of mine. Oh well, I should be studying instead! But I'm having the *sudden* itchiness to share the 17th babies that I know of... =P

January - Ilahi, my ex-secondary schoolmate who's doing his Medic course in Egypt.

February - Ee Seng, my long-lost-contact ex-secondary schoolmate.

March - Kelly, my ex-high-school mate

April - [NIL]

May - [NIL]

June - [NIL]

July - [NIL]

August - [NIL]

September - Kevin, my newly-appointed counsellor =P

October - Me Myself & I, can? =P And a blogger friend, Shii Teck

November -Wei Shen da Giraffe, my intelligent ex-secondary schoolmate.

December - Shirley, my coursemate a.k.a. my current roomie! =)

And now, who's gonna fill up my list of 17th babies calendar? =P

Okay, back to basic. Study Study Study...


simonso said...

apa nie!

Nana Lana said...

17th babies...Babies born on the 17th day of the month!

LOL, apasal macam kena marah jek? =(

Exam Stress/Boredom and simply came up v dis, LMAO.