Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SAY : I QUIT !!!

Guess what I did today? For the very first time!?!!?! Ahaksss…!

Last week, I’ve been skirting a few shops with the hope of getting a part-time job but dammit, blame it on my own timidness that I dare not enter to ask for job. Chewwwwwww… Only with the help of my mum that finally, she’d gotten me a job as a salesgirl in an apparel outlet.
Wokay, I’ve got that job! And so, went for it this morning! To my despair, it wasn’t really my cup of tea, standing there like an idiot, waiting for customer to be served. Biu… A waste of time. I would rather stay home indulging in my new semester’s notes or perhaps, continue with my knitting! Sorry, it really wasn’t me to stand there morosely like an idiot for the sake of $$$ !!!
The more I stand, the more I daze into the infinite space, the more I realize I can’t stay for another minute! And so, I sms-ed my mum telling her I will Q-U-I-T as of my break time of the day. Just a mere TWO HOURS drove me to this! Imagine… Ewww…
I would rather brew coffee, making toast for people man! At least, I’m “working” on something to be paid, alright! Even the exhaustion during the PC FAIR back in Year 2008 was much more “interesting” than this ; that I get to introduce some products to customers where people are squeezing from every single corner that you can find. The QBee job, was better too if I have the permanent morning shift! Keke!
While I was spending my time, poised, at one corner, I looked at those other girls on duty. Sighhh… Maybe to them, they’re used to that kind of life. Uh huh… For me? Grrr… They were just chatting away to kill the time. Aiyayaya, I tried convincing myself in that very 2 hours that, “ok lar, just work lar, better than staying home with no income”. To my pleasure, I was glad that I don’t really have that kind of thought! Glad that I’ve quitted. YES. No regret.
But, what do I do now? Perhaps this holiday is just gonna be another holiday for me~


jojo said...

wa..steady o..juz two hour jiu sack ur boss le..

Nana Lana said...

ai...vry sienz leh!

i cannot stand there de... work means "work" mah... muz got thg do! haha! 1st time man... "eng" leh... hahaha!


Anonymous said...


XtasyM said...

"indulging in my new semester’s notes"

Im impressed u used the word INDULGING O.o my god...

Lol... its better than me till now no job ... hehehe

cyws said...

what am i gonna say..? 'thousand gold big small sister'..wakakaka..perhaps u are the one suit to own this title..haha.. 2 hours work already tak tahan..pity..=0=// better sit on the soffy sofa, open tv, swing your leg la..haha..kidding la..maybe still can look for another job..dun giv up la..

Nana Lana said...

MsM :

sure lar~wakaka!

Kelvin :

i should like what i'll be doing so that i'll be enjoying it watz, wahaha!

and so, the word "indulge" is important to me! wakaka! *fainted*

erm, i still hv no job lar! haha! i was just standing for a mere 2 hours n decided to quit, akaka! v no salary for sure! hehe!

cyws :

"thousand gold big small sister"

adui, wat a "direct" translation from chinese! eww!!! come on, im not one okay! 100% not one of them! i swear!

ayoksss, perhaps da camera shop can make me stay! i've hunted for a several shop but still, to no avail, dey duwan part time lo... sigh...

tot of being waitress in Kinsahi/Sushi King but still, dare not ask for one! wakaka!

wanna go back for my previous telemarketing but... dare not go back... dis break... pathetic ar, wait u sponsor dis nainai lar! wahaha!