Monday, May 4, 2009



This is the very first gathering ever since I returned from UPM.

Neway, CS
8.30p.m. - midnite (somewhere around 12.50 a.m.)

(From Left : Me, Wee, Wendy, Joey)

With a bunch of Sec. School Gals

Been trying to upload this and I have no idea of why it was still pending and so, here I am, trying to re-upload it! Keke! I wished I wasn't that passive that night. Yea... Ew... I looked bad in both shots. Kaka...

That night was the very first night that I reached home that late. Apparently, I am, for sure, a morning bird instead of a night cat lar, haha! Errr... But once a while, shall be alright. *grins*


I wished thou understand after all those years way back before where we stand right now. Thou should know I'm not really that kind of gal initiative enough for most things although I do get bold for occasions. Well, apparently, I'm really thankful for what we've been through, thankful for the days we shared and I do really cherish what we once had together. But now, I have no idea why and how things turn out to be like this, right now at this moment of time. Perhaps... Arghh...

If there were to be some misunderstandings, I guess the only thing that came through my mind was that, perhaps, or maybe thou was just too pissed off or perhaps, having a kind of "displeasure" in one of my post earlier this year... Perhaps, thou thought that I was somehow "stealing" away thou's "f-r-i-e-n-d", maybe, probably... But thou gotta understand that... Erm... Things are just not the way thou think the way it is. After that post, honestly, I do sense a little discomfort in the way thou behave although it was not, of face-to-face at that time. So, please do comprehend in this. He's just not my cup of tea, alright. I hope that things will be fine. For always.

I shall be apologizing for not listening or giving words of comfort during the days which thou needed the most. This is, my fault. On the other hand, during my "dying" period of time, thou was the one giving me all the words that I needed. THIS IS, MY FAULT. I'M SORRY. Perhaps, it's too late for all these to be said now.

You'll still be, my good friend, my great friend of all, the friend that I do cherish. Just don't wish to be strangers on the street no more. Just hoping that things will turn out fine.

Looking for the days ahead.... =D


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