Thursday, May 7, 2009

Once Upon A Time...

Lame title. That was the only "phrase" that came up in my mind when the posting page popped up.

In a moment of time her mum came ringing on my cell phone. Surprised. Stunned. But still, I answered the call.

Okay, apparently, I saw the car in the parking lot of SM before I had the call coming in to my DG line. And it was my dad who pointed out that car to me. Wokay, probably a family outing, I thought to myself.

In a flash of time right after I was in the car, I was actually quite stunned by what appeared on my cell phone screen, a cartoonic figure that I set for the caller, L. I was, "huh???" And there I went, answering the phone call. (***in such a coincidence***)

A familiar voice for sure. Asking if I was with her flesh and blood. I said "NO". And there she went asking for "the-girl-opposite"'s (ganti-ing for the-girl-next-door) number. Keke. And so, I gave it.

The Endz.

Ain't harbouring anything.

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