Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cheers To The Gurls!

How time really flies, it has been a decade or even, more than a decade since I last met up with my ex-primary-school-classmates, Jacq, Lim and Shyanne. Jacq will be the most “frequent-face” that I see around these few years. Haahaa! Hey gal (J), I guess the last time we met up was the K-session with Shanti lar, remember? Haha! Or was the event playing in my dreams instead? Oh, nah nah... I doubted that! Heehee!

Today (02.05.09) will be…the very first time I sit around a table with friends reminiscing about the so-called “histories” and yet, hilarious events surrounding the once young lil girls. Keke! My Oh My, when will I ever have the confidence to be speaking and blabbing all the way through to add more spices to those topics being discussed, huh? Amboi…

( Top from left, clockwise : Me, Lim, Jacq, Shyanne )

It was really fun to be sitting there listening to them but I DO HOPE, desperately hoping that I could bring myself to talk, to go into the discussion and yet, this stupiak me just wasn’t that “talkative” just yet.. Haha! Aiyayaya…. The funny thing is that, back in the U, apparently, I DO or probably, I AM ABLE to indulge into people’s conversation quite easily, with the thickened layer of my keratinized skin, duh… Or perhaps, only to those closest to me! Akaka…

( From left : Jacq, Lim, Me )

Been talking a lot about FOOOOOOOD!!!! Hahahaha! I can really say that most of my friends are really GOURMET(s)!!! They do really know a lot about food, places with good food, etc! OMG, I just felt so inferior for once again! Haha! Being a Johorian myself, I DO NOT know much about the places offering GOOD FOOD. Perhaps I'm NOT a GOOD EATER uh huh!?! Haha! Jk Jk!

Wokay, all in all, a toast to them! To the gurls!

Having to hear from one of them, (L) , about how a miniature misunderstanding can actually causes awkwardness and stiffness between once-close-friend and I DO quite agree with what was being told. Sometimes, misunderstandings do occur unknowingly. Both parties may have a wrong perception of each other which will eventually lead to the “coldness”, the “loathsomeness” in their relationship. It will be a costly mistake if the misunderstanding was never being subdued in an appropriate way.

I may hate to face up to reality but I do never want to be that way. I do never want to lose any of my friends. I do never want to isolate myself from them. But I just can’t stop myself from bewildering with what was happening around me. Insane. Losing my sanity huh? Duh… Insane. Totally insane. I just can’t stand those EYES. Yea, those EYES. Shhhhh…………..

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