Friday, April 3, 2009


Down in the pouring rain
In our four-wheeled car

When the raindrops hit hard at us

You guided me into the corner
And there we went

Into silent mode...

Wished it was raining

when we first arrived..

With the fuming smokes emitting right in front of us

As if we're dancing along the polar glacier
Sliding thru each other

Hands in hands

How romantic...

Just how beautiful Thou are to me then...

You're feeding me

And I'm feeding you

You're smiling at me

And so I am,

Smiling back at you

With the sweetest smile in the world...!

As the time passes by,
There came Romeo and Juliet
But they've never intruded us for sure

Together, we're sharing the laughter

Together, we're sharing the good times

And that's
what it's all about
A great time spent together

Although there were,
of not much mutual conversation...

THIS IS, apparently, the first time I've been out of the college so late but I did, managed to get back just before the clock struck twelve! Of good times, of good food, I just simply don't mind in gaining another pound from it! Wahaha!

Unfortunately, due to my stubborn sore throat of the day, I just couldn't gulp down most of the food being served! Gosh... If there's one more chance, I SWEAR I GOTTA EAT WITH ALL MY MIGHT!!! Wahaha! Binging and Gorging myself to each and every single different kinds of marinated meats provided till my tummy burst into unrecognizable nibbles! Ewww!!!!

There's one of my favourite desserts of the day! Despite having the sore throat like what I've mentioned in my previous post, I've actually pampered myself with the indulgence of committing myself into YAM ICE CREAM!!! Gosh, simply delightful, simply devouring! MUACKS MUACKS!!! Love it till the very last drop, Babes!

Wokay, for summary, well, apparently, I had a date with my co-buddy, my buddy, and 2 of my super buddies on the very 1st of April 2009 for "Hai Tong" Steamboat somewhere around SK... Haha! Pics? Ayok...It's with my super buddy... Oooppsss... Keke! Perhaps I'll post it up someday when I get a copy of it! Keke! But here's a few...

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