Friday, April 24, 2009

Cheery Cherry Boom Boom!

Been pampering myself with palatable sumptuous food lately... Hahaha! "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom"!!! Hehehe! If ya' listen to her songs, you'll get how "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" sounds like! keke! That was just part of my craps here.... Hehe!

Wokay, apart from all the hanging out stuffs, guess what, I've been sorta "ATTACKED" and "INTIMIDATED" by a ridiculous and yet hilarious JONATHAN!!! Who the hell was that JONATHAN??? I ain't having any friends by that name, wokayzzz!!!!

Kinda spoilt my appetite while I was deciding on my menu of the day in Chili', Mid Valley! Booo! Luckily, I was smart enough to confirm with my sis whether anyone in my house uses that cell phone number or not.. Or else, I'll be totally tricked by that stupid JONATHAN! Up till now, I ain't have any idea of his/her true identity!

This is how the story goes....

Received two missed calls..
I sms-ed to ask about that anonymous number's owner...

A replied sms received, "ur papa"...

ME : "I'm outside, Mid Valley..."

HIM : "So, I was asking for help and there you went, away to KL to have fun! Why didn't u reply me? Guilty huh? Everybody's a liar, you're one of them too! Okay, good, go and have your fun!"

I was totally disgrunted by the sms! I sms-ed my sis to ask about that number and just when my sms was sent, my mum called up, THANK GOD, MERCY!!! I told my mum about it and she said it was probably some prank calls or maybe wrong number... Okay, relieved, I enjoyed my meal! Hahaha! OMG, that piece of CHEESE, haha! Sorta became a "dessert" for me! Ahaksss! A great dinner throughout this semester! Mamma Mia!

Guess what, I guess that fella knew he'd gotten the wrong person and he'd eventually apologise. Okay, that was okay. The apology was accepted. And there he went again, saying he was from JB, and said that I was patient enough to handle him??? Oh, come on lar! I was actually sorta rude in the sms alright! (when I knew he'd probably gotten the wrong person or perhaps somebody's really TRYING ME OUT!!! Don't you have anything better to do? INSANE!).

See, this is what I get in the very last sms which I've totally ignored with no reply! Hahaksss!

"By the way, may i know who is this coz u're very patient with my sms. I am Jonathan."

LAME. I've got better things to do than to layan you! And you gotta know that I'm an eighty-year-old-Nai Nai alright!!!


JUN_HONG said...

when u finish ur exam ya????

anvexr = raven + x said...

walauei so enjoy in mid valley. Didn't ask me also.

Nana Lana said...


i finished my exam, erm, like...2 days ago, my last paper was on the 23rd... haha!

Raven :

aren't u in jb? haha! if i'm not wrong, UM this week is exam week gua? or study week?? haha! nextime lar.. probably nex sem! haha! ask Mo-Li-Hua along! wakakaka!

Anonymous said...

actually... feels a bit like someone's hitting on you :P

Nana Lana said...


i bash up back!


anvexr = raven + x said...

exam week. I am always in kl. No money to go home. Next sem I live outside loh. Maybe will a bit difficult. Let go to sing k on holiday with joey.

Nana Lana said...


u all fix date adytell me, haha!