Friday, April 3, 2009


What does that title of mine means???
Wakaka, figure it out on your own! Keke!
Okay, apparently, it was another outing for me and a few friends... To Balakong Jusco and sang our lungs out, or probably, our hearts out as well! Okay, everyone just doesn't really care about "image" for sure and that DEFINITELY applies to me! Wakaka! I don't mind going out of tune nor shrieking with the highest possible frequencies / pitch nor hitting the wrong notes, I JUST WANNA SHOUT IT OUT LOUD, babes... Biu...
It was full of laughter and fun lar! Haha! Never been this crazy since these few months... Wiuuu.... Arpsss.... Before having ourselves GREENED, we've actually went for lunch at Food & Tea and here's an editted PIC... Muahahahaha!
And then, it was the GREENED session! Had a lot of fun! Poor Dinosaur for being influenced by us to skip her meeting for the CAPSULE session, haha! BUT FRANKLY SPEAKING, I DO REALLY WANT TO USE THE VOUCHER!!! Hahaha!!!


Anonymous said...

zzzz... So nice but didnt ajak me... :P

Er.. And that one photo of you eating or drinking (upper left) pwns the rest

Nana Lana said...


was tat me???

my twins :O)

shmily said...

hm...i still dun understand the "GB CS SG",
is it, greenbox balakong, crazy stuff ans sungai???

Nana Lana said...


GreenBox Cheras Selatan Selangor!!!

Get it???


shmily said...


Nana Lana said...


Anonymous said...

laughing my a$$ off