Saturday, June 26, 2010

Popular Kids

Was actually involved in a temporary job weeks ago for a fortnight! Perhaps that explains my inactiveness in blogosphere. Anyways, my existence make no difference to the globe. LOL.

But perhaps, by having one less user, I might be able to *save* the earth by a lil lil lil and a very lil bit? LOL

Had my part-time working pleasure at the mid-year Popular Book Fair, JB. Met a bunch of cool and funny colleagues/superiors!

A Group Pic. For Team A Counter! =P (forgotten A or B lar)

Acting cool with POPULAR MEMBER CARDS!

The girls with the balloons! Our self-drawn & autographed balloons!

One of 'em was taken away by our customers! MIND YOU!


One last pose, okay?

After the day of packing up the fair area, we gave ourselves a day off before planning for a OUTING! Karaoke! Movie! Dinner! POPULAR YOUTH BOLEH! Lame... haha! (not all the part-timers went anyways... perhaps only the *popular* ones? LOL)

A Mega-Shotz! Weeee!

After da K-session, part of us went for Movie (A'Team) followed by dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, CS.

Camwhored for a while and the girl below was in the same U as me! Majoring in FRENCH!!! OMG! Haha!

BTW, A*Team, an action-packed movie, was damn hilarious! The movie failed to deter me from bursting out into laughter!

BTW, it the best and most fun part-time job I've ever had! Hehe!


NEXT outing...

Met up with a bunch of ex-secondary schoolmates, apparently, all Malays, except me, the Malay-look-alike-Chinese... LOL

Had great fun with them! Can't stand from all the laughings that made me curled up to my stomach. Ar???

Opting for more meet-up! See you guys around soon!

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