Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's the fourth day of a very new year but it's simply just another day to me, as usual. People do have their New Year resolutions made but to me, resolutions can be made every single day, anytime. It doesn't really have to be made year by year.

For me, I'll just wish for whatever came thru my mind, anytime of the day, night, week, month, year or whatsoever that could you can name "the period of time". At this point of time, I'm longing to find back, to meet, to catch up with my long-lost childhood mates. The ones that peeked thru my the slits in between the forced-closed windows of my aunt's room's, peeping at how me and my sisters danced gracefully outrageously horrible to the 90's Boybands pops ; Eavesdropped on how me and my sisters shrieking to the ever catching hits of the 90's.


You know, I don't know how we managed to communicate. They are of mixed-parentage. Mum's a Malay. Dad's a Caucasian. They are, of pretty faces for sure. Our ways of communication was basically based on our awkward actions and Rojak Language [a mix of Malay, English, and Mandarin]. We were in primary school then. Christopher and Bobby, the twin brothers were|are three years older than I am [if I were not wrong], Gina, the pretty lass was|is of the same age as me. All three were siblings. Fendi, their Malay cousin, my neighbour at that time.


I was always anticipating for the trio to visit Fendi, in the hope that I could brag around with them in our ever *extraordinary* ways. Once, I hopped onto Chris's back and his mouth hit on his knee. His teeth were bleeding then. I was in real guilt but I think he loved it, =P since we're the so-called rumoured-pair. LOL Ahh, sweet. I'm missing the fun with them. =D


The problem is that we've lost TOTAL contact and I could never see them again. Fendi had moved a decade ago and I do rarely go back to my grandma's old house since we've all moved elsewhere. This is hard. Fate, I'll say the probability is like infinitely LOW. T_____T No, I don't know their full names. All I have in mine are nothing but the memories and their calling names. Pathetic.


I do hope that somehow they'll stumble upon this post some time. I know this is very silly and impossible but, it's a wish. A wish to a longing heart to see the friends for once again.

Magic Words to a longing heart : Cempaka 18

If you're C, B, G, or F you'll know what that means =)

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