Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A *Reward from ROCHE

Did the word *ROCHE rings a bell to you? LOL!

Representatives were sent to give us a talk on Spectrophotometry during our Clinical Biochemistry Labbie...

And these were what I've gotten from the brief talk... kakaka!

Nothing special but for at least, I HAVE AN EXTRA notebook to conteng conteng (sketch) on! Hahaz!

Can you actually read what's being written above? LOL! Hoped so! But I don't really think anybody's gonna understand it anyways.... LOL

The speaker is cute in a way. When he was speaking in Cantonese for sure! kakaka! Mucho Guapo!

Just finished my Test I today! Yippie! Gonna go enjoy gaogao @MV this Friday! Yippie!

Man, did so many careless mistakes for my last paper! Huhu! Missed out many accentuations used in Spanish! lalalalalalaaaaaa! AUDIT oso can't playplay whatz! LOL!

Till then laaaaaaaaa!!!

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