Friday, February 26, 2010


I had so much thoughts running on my mind.

I'm being inactive here again. Sometimes, I really felt like changing my link, privatise it, delete it but I just could hardly do it. Perhaps, someday, I'll really do it when I've lost my passion to blog.

I've wanted to talk to them. Am I still, their so-called "friend"? I've been wanting to hang out with them but always, to no avail, coz that was never something I could initiate on, for, we've never really understand each other for too well, I guess.

Things are just too "happening". Too dramatic for now. I just couldn't explain it. That feeling was not too great when I knew what's on their minds. I hoped and I wished I could talk to them. But always, the timidity in me is failing me to do so.

Perhaps, I'll just wait for a chance to bump into them again....for once again, and that could be the time when something is brought back to life.

BTW, I'm actually looking forward for next Friday. =)


j@e__*j@e_y^..^siLveR said...

morE 2month holidy soon...~~thinkING of ur holidy liFE....haha...ten u wiLL fel beter^^

凯宁 said...

let the time do its job,
just treat it with an indifferent attitude, free your mind from it and wish for the best outcome.
dun forget that there are people still care for you out there =)