Sunday, September 6, 2009

SP Day Out

Set off with a curious and excited mood but it turned out to be a vast despair when the Information Counter Officer told us that the event will only be held on the very next day.. This was what happened yesterday. Sigh...

Was anticipating to watch the "BattleGround" (Dance Competition) in Sunway Pyramid but ended up with an "impromptu" K-Session... This, I shall say... it's quite fun in a way that I've been longing for a K-ShoutOut-Session for sooooo long that I've finally had it my way yesterday! Wakaka! Dancing Kaki(s) were dancing their way for SNSD, ShiNee, Super Junior, etc and etc... LoLx!

And... What's for Dinner? They said they wanna try something "different" and so... We went.... for.... Italiannies!!!! Yoyo... Frankly, I felt that we were sorta making a fool of ourselves over there. LoLx... Language barrier... Culture Barrier... I could hardly understand the waiter's English... He's definitely not Local!!! He was like singing to his English~ Doesn't look like a Phillipino either... but... an Asian, I would say... Wokay~ skip that... LoLx!

The ambience is great and it's really a pleasure. I like it. Especially with the jazz music/songs playing around while chit-chatting with your friends. Thumbs Up.

Frankly, we can hardly figure out of how to serve ourselves with this "oil" and the "breadies"... LoLx... Was it a starter? Buahaha! *Shame Shame*

I really had my fill for the day!!! The food was really H-U-G-E in Serving and it's definitely for SHARING!!! I just just just simply love their Lasagne~! Cheesy Chessy Feeling... OMG....

*Posing with my share of Lasagne!!!!*


Another main course that we've ordered was.... "Angel Hair Pomodoro" (Angel Hair Pasta with Chopped Tomatoes and Sauteed with Garlic in a Light Tomato-Basil Sauce) ! (a serving for 4-6 pax) and believe me, it's really H-U-G-E!!! The four of us, Dayana, Carol, Shmily and me, myself and I went bloated after stuffing ourselves with those splendid servings! I wanna try that watwat "FRIDAY" restaurant on my next visit! LoLx!!!

"Angel Hair Pomodoro"

*clean enough gua*
*this is to show how "huge" d bowl is....*
*Shmily & I : Camwhoring*
A disappointment as it may seems like (for unable to witness the spectacular battle of the year) but the food just simply makes my day worthwhile! OMG, it made me sounds like a glutton...LoLx!!!



Anonymous said...

Should clarify the day with Gary first... And am I right in guessing that you all wanna join in the competition with a SNSD dance?

XtasyM said...

wow... u went italiannies... i havent went b4 yet... is it recommended?

Nana Lana said...

MsM :


Kel :

For me, it's "recommendable"! (if u like pasta & cheese!) lolx!

Anonymous said...

Haha.. You can enter the dance with an upbeat SNSD song... Who say can't... And it'll be cool to watch girls do that...