Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mid-Autumn Fest 2009

This time round, this festival is being organized by the Students' Welfare Secretariat... Overall, what I can say is that their performances are really worth for *THUMBS UP* compared to last year's. Butta, I kinda miss last year's sorta... "Senam-Seni-Like" get-together-dance.. gaga! It was where/when all committees, VIPs, audiences dance to simple steps~ A fun-fun-fun-dance~lolx~

For your information... (if u duno lar, haha!) Last year's event was actually organized by my own course members, unlike this year, by all the interested "residents" of K17...

Hm... Look at these ransom photos taken with my juniors~ lolx~ some were old-gals ady lar~ buahaha! (Seniors-like me-yea-my batch-im old-and so?-old old lo~=P)

*Fan Dance Dancers*

Well, apparently, I did some help-out for lending my voice for a comedy-like-sketch for Chang-Er's character... LoLx... Of da "geli geli" pampering ticklish voice, oh gosh, this will be my very first time ever... and perhaps, my last! lolx!

Ahhh.....I'd managed to solve a rhyme during da event!!! Yay, a simple gift as it seems like but...I'm just equally as contented as it was something I get for being able to answer correctly~ lolx!

Hope there'll be more surprises coming up next year! Or perhaps... the very next.... K17 Talent Search! People, please do go and support!!!!! I'll be there!!!!! Shouting and Yelling for certain contestants!!!! Lalalala!!!! Join in da fun!!!! I Can't Wait!!!!

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