Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Singapore Zoo Trip

Memorable 3rd of June 2008

Yippie Yay Yay!

And finally, the trip to Singapore Zoo was a reality. The five of us took cab from Woodlands to the zoo. It was raining heavily and we were like having second thoughts of changing our plan. However, we ended up in the Zoo itself and luckily, it was a wise decision!

Well, it was drizzling but that doesn’t stop us from exploring the wildlife and snapping! Heehee! But it did stop in the end. Luckily the weather was not scorching hot! We took a lot of photos, be it the animals photos or photos of ourselves. Apparently, Joey took the most numbers of photos! Take a look at this…

I don’t see anything special from this pole… Was she trying to do pole-dancing? With such a thick pole? Are you sure???

Basically, we’ve missed a lot of animals’ shows and feeding times. What a pity! But not a big deal though, so long as I had fun with my friends! Teasing and joking ; dirty jokes? Yea, about animals. Wakaka!

This male Hamadryas Baboon here was having erection for no reason! He was alone, sitting there, facing visitors, and that actually made it erected! I wonder if it was more ‘attracted’ to humans than to its’ own kinds? [*shrugs*]

There was another one, catching ticks for another baboon, and then…

* Ta Da *

Sucking its’ ejaculation organ ----> da birdie

[p/s : when the female’s butt is red and swollen, it’s ready to mate! And we did actually saw a male ‘forcing’ on a female to mate. Wakaka!]

Of all the Primates, I would say I love Chimpanzees the most! I don’t know why but I just love them! I did not really get a close-up look on them but just, from afar. Sighhh… Chimps are witty, clever, inventive and highly sociable apes! Their intelligence and dexterity enable them to use tools in obtaining food. Guess what, they’ve even developed their own customs in grooming! [*giggles*] Despite their cuddly image, they are actually aggressive and can be vengeful, even killing and attacking their own kind! When they’re angry, they’ll ‘scream’ and beat the ground with their hands or attacking each other but they do normally make up again. Unlike humans yeah, hard to patch things up? Well, I used to read about them in the past years. That explains my knowledge on chimps. Haha!

Now, who’s double my height? The largest carnivorous predator? The one with the black skin to absorb available heat and white fur which acts as heat insulator? The ones who mates during spring through a remarkable process called “delayed implantation” whereby embryo development goes on hold until late autumn? And the ones, with the cubs born hamster-sized due to inadequate reserves during maternity hibernation? Anyone? The ice giant in the Arctic? Yeah, it’s none other than another one of my favourites, the Polar Bear!


Getting bored? Don’t you ever! It’s really fun and cool for being able to know more about animals. How I wished I don’t have to work in the future but to work with the animals! But, it seems impossible for me. Like an unreachable desire! What to do? I’ve even amended one of my choices for the Local U’s choices of studies from Zoology to ‘ding dong bell’. [*shhhh*] Sighhh…

Okay, now, whose job was it? An ad for the leg lotion? Using an elephant as an ‘icon’ here? Reminds me of American’s Next Top Model, Season..... Don’t remember! Haha!

Back to animals. Do you know the differences between Cheetah and Leopard? Spot their spots and bodies! Cheetah has exceptionally elongated body and legs! How about Asian Elephant and African Elephant? Spot their heads’ and bodies’ shapes! As.E has two humps on its head whereas Af.E has only one hump. As.E’s body is a dome while Af.E’s a concave shape! There you go! There are more to go but try to find it on your own yeah! Then, you’ll get to remember it more vividly!

This cutie little creature stood there motionless, poised, as an act of selfless heroism or rather on a standing guard against predators? Predators? Not in the zoo, alright! Yeah, Shanx, thanks for reminding me that it was the Meerkat from The Lion King! Wanna add something here, if I’m not wrong, they often sit up straight on their hindlegs to be warmed by the sun, er… The reason? They live in the desert and so, the absorbed heat is to keep them warm when night falls…

There are a lot more to explore in the world of animals! So much more that you can never finish learning each and every single bit of it! It will really be a wondrous experience if one could really get up close to the animals in the wild without cages entrapping them, the animals!

Penguin! [da fake penguin] Eh, I finally get to snap with you already! Heehee! Thanks ya!

We’ve spent the whole day there and that girl in the red tee, the one covering her face with her palm was having leg cramp after the custom checking whilst waiting for the other two gals… Age is probably catching up on her yeah!

Take a bow, that will be all for now, folks!

For more pictures of me and my friends, simply click on the link in the sidebar, linking you to my

Hope you guys do enjoy these informations or I’ll be talking to myself for my own shiok-ness! Wahaha! But I do enjoyed blogging about these things! Heehee!


长颈 said...

why didnt take some giraffe photo for me~~

Nana Lana said...

got ar... FS mah
pity u din join us lar
if join oso, ur d onli "boyboy" aroun!

长颈 said...

i dun think b the only "boyboy" is a good thing~~~
phew~~luckily didnt go~~:P

Nana Lana said...

b d only 'boyboy' got privileges de!
ol d 'jie jie' will treat u mah!