Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Ones

Kon'nichiwa! Watashi wa Nana Lana desu.

Hey guys, this is my brand new bloggie, my fourth blog! And i guess I'll be using this blog from today onwards! So, if you wanna know what's goin on in my life, come on here to find it out!

Okay, a little guides in reading my posts. If you see "*mini mani hom*" in between paragraphs, that means I'm changing my topics already yeah... Heehee!

Feel free to leave a message in my Cbox! If you want me to link you up here in my bloggie, just inform me, okay?

What else huh? Well, if you wanna read my old posts, go ahead and click on the link "A-MySpace Blog" under My Links.

Okay, till then... Adiozzz!

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