Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sabah Trip : Post Two

Nah... I'm gonna talk about the second day of my trip to KK, Sabah in this very post. Again, woke up on the 18th of July [before dawn], took a quick shower even though I was well aware that I'm gonna get myself ended up like salted fish by soaking myself in the ever-salty ocean. Talking about oceans, it's LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! ^^

# 0 Yeah, it's ME snorkelling! From AM to PM!!! *HEARTS*

Set off from Jesselton Point. Paid a freaking cheap 50 MYR in order to "rent" all needed equipments for snorkelling and also to inter-transfer between two islands. Since my sis requested for Manukan and Sapi islands, we chose these.

# 1 Jesselton Point

# 2 Jetty

I LOVE SPEEDBOAT! Having to feel the breeze brushing through my hair and skin, OMGOSH! Perhaps I shall try bungee jumping or skydiving eh??? *Hearts* BTW, I FAILED in trying PARASAILING!!! That's the only regret! Was too shy to ask until the end of the day when Krys told me it was actually fully booked. *Cries*

For this post, I'll let pictures do the talking. ^^

We're reaching! We're reaching!

# 3

# 4 Pulau Manukan !
From left : San, Yan, Krys, Jaime, Me

Look at the sea, the clouds!

# 5

# 6

# 7 Arhem...

# 8

# 9

# 10

# 11 Better WITH

# 12 or WITHOUT a model? LOL

# 13

# 14
The trio from left : Krys, Me, San

# 15 Giant sand-turtle @ Pulau Sapi

# 16 Sigh, bidding farewell to our final island =(

# 17 Group shot
From left : JJ, Me, San, Yan, Jaime, Kong, Krys

Now, on my next visit to Sabah, it's gonna be Mamutik island, I suppose. Or perhaps, Mantanani island. Prior to Mantanani, I have to make sure I'm confidence enough to swim! First thing first, LEARN HOW TO SWIM! =)

To end this post, let me share this sunset shot I took while we're on the way back.

# 18

Next Up, W.I.L.D.L.I.F.E. =)